We list our projects below. At the moment, the main focus rests on MFSSIA.

Alex Norta

Multi-Factor Self-Sovereign Identity Authentication

Multi-factor challenge-set self-sovereign identity authentication (MFFSIA) is an important part for establishing trust between systems, devices, organisations and humans for the emerging machine-to-everything (M2X) economy. Most systems for identity authentication (IA) are single sign-on (SSO), or have fixed challenge sets of limited degree. Additionally, IA systems are controlled by governments, or corporations that are closely affiliated with government entities. The available systems for self-sovereign IA do not offer the necessary flexible configurability of challenge sets. Based on research publications about a formal MFSSIA protocol, this paper presents a blockchain employing implementation for a running case assuming different smart-contract blockchain systems must be connected for sensitive data exchange. The prototype offers a marketplace for challenge-set creation and the challenge/response-lifecycle management employs decentralised knowledge graphs (DKG), oracles for response evaluations. (more)

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