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The IEEE Blockchain Finland Group is steadfast in its mission to harness the transformative power of blockchain technology for societal betterment, closely aligning with the global IEEE Blockchain Initiative's ethos. We are committed to being a pivotal force in blockchain innovation within Finland and the wider world, aiming to create a future where blockchain's potential is fully realized across various sectors for enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency. Our objectives encompass promoting knowledge exchange through workshops and seminars, supporting groundbreaking research and innovation for practical solutions, providing comprehensive educational resources to cultivate a skilled blockchain workforce, and advocating for the responsible use of blockchain in adherence to ethical standards. We place a strong emphasis on community engagement, offering a vibrant platform for networking and collaborative projects, while also bridging the gap between academia and industry to accelerate the application of blockchain solutions. By uniting researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts under our banner, we are dedicated to driving forward the adoption and evolution of blockchain technology, shaping a more secure, transparent, and efficient digital future.

Events and Workshops

Keynote speech (Slides) by Alex Norta at the IEEE Workshop on Blockchain and Energy 2023


Research and Publications

Please find here blockchain research papers of Alex Norta.

Membership Information

Chair: Alex Norta (LinkedIn, ETIS)

We are actively looking for more Finnish members.

Educational Resources

Blockchain introduction courses can be found on this MOOC.

Industry News and Insights

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Collaboration Opportunities

At the heart of the IEEE Blockchain Finland Group is a profound belief in the power of collaboration to spur innovation and achieve breakthroughs in blockchain technology. We are keenly focused on fostering partnerships that bridge the gap between academia, industry, and government, thereby cultivating a fertile ground for the development and deployment of blockchain solutions that address critical societal challenges.

We invite entities and individuals from various sectors to explore collaboration opportunities with us, including but not limited to:

- Research Institutions and Universities: We are eager to collaborate on research projects, share knowledge, and contribute to the academic discourse on blockchain technology. Through joint initiatives, we can push the boundaries of blockchain research and education, preparing the next generation of innovators.

- Technology Companies and Startups: Partner with us to explore new applications of blockchain technology, pilot projects, or co-develop solutions that can transform industries. Our group can provide technical expertise, research collaboration, and a platform for testing and refining blockchain innovations.

- Government Agencies: We seek to work with government bodies to explore blockchain's potential in enhancing transparency, efficiency, and security in public services. Collaborations can range from advisory roles to joint projects aimed at implementing blockchain solutions in government operations.

- Non-Profit Organizations: By partnering with NGOs, we aim to leverage blockchain technology for social good, addressing issues such as identity verification, supply chain transparency, and financial inclusion.

- Standards Development Organizations: Engage with us to contribute to the development of blockchain standards and best practices, ensuring technology implementations are secure, interoperable, and ethical.

Collaborating with the IEEE Blockchain Finland Group offers access to a network of leading experts, cutting-edge research, and a community dedicated to the ethical advancement of blockchain technology. Together, we can explore innovative applications, contribute to the development of standards, and address the pressing needs of society through blockchain solutions.

If you are interested in exploring collaboration opportunities, we invite you to reach out to us. Let's harness the collective expertise and passion of our community to drive forward the evolution of blockchain technology.

Contact Information

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Metaverse room for the IEEE Blockchain Finland Group.

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